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Lupta pentru Fallujah

  •  Battle for Fallujah: War photos of Iraqi forces surrounding Isis militants holed up in besieged city
    International Business Times UK
    Iraqi forces have been closing in on Fallujah in order to reclaim the city from Islamic State (Isis) militants in what has been described as one of the biggest battles ever fought between IS militants. Fallujah was the first city in Iraq to fall under IS control in January 2014 and has been under siege for more than six months. On Tuesday (31 May 2016), Iraqi Shi'ite fighters repelled a four-hour attack in the city's south, a day after moving into the southern edges of the militant city, with the help of US-led coalition air strikes. Read More 

  •  Hamas executes three convicted Palestinian murderers in Gaza Strip
    Palestinian militant group Hamas executed three Palestinians on Tuesday after they were convicted of murder. The rulers of the Gaza Strip carried out the death penalties without the approval of the leader of rival Palestinian faction Fatah and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The death penalties, the first to be carried out in the coastal enclave since a Hamas-Fatah unity government was created in 2014, drew condemnation from human rights groups and Fatah officials. Read More 
  • UKIP

    UKIP Nigel Farage Vedeti ca eu sunt de baza ???

    Nigel Farage

    17:17 (Acum 3 ore)
    către mine

    Dear Odorica,

    We only have 23 days left to get our country back, finally we have a chance to achieve what we all have been tirelessly fighting for by securing a leave vote on June 23rd.

    Odorica we need your help, 
    UKIP plans onprinting and distributing millions of leafletsand thousands of garden boards as part of our final push to win and crucially last week we began a major online advertising campaign. It is vital that we get the messages out that will win us this referendum:
    • That only by voting to leave can wecontrol our borders and introduce a fair, Australian-style points-based immigration system.
    • That only by voting to leave can wemake Britain safe and strengthen our defences against the increasing threat of terrorism.
    • That only by voting to leave can wetake back control of our country.
    We can’t win this referendum without you, and help us win on June 23rd. This will be the only chance to vote to leave the EU that we will ever get and we must win.
    Nigel Farage
    UKIP Leader
    UKIP · Lexdrum House, King Charles Business Park, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6UT, United Kingdom . Made using NationBuilder

    Press TV

    Armata israeliană a evacuat zeci de familii palestiniene din casele lor, în valea Iordanului în timp ce în Gaza o ceremonie memorială are loc pentru a marca cea de a 6-a aniversare a atacului brutal al Israelului asupra primului Gaza Flotila Libertății care a ucis nouă activiști.

    Ce părere ai despre conflictul israeliano-palestinian?

    Vino alaturi de noi pe #presstvdebate la 18:33 GMT
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    pepene verde pentru micul dejun?
    Per una buona colazione solitamente preparo il pane al latte e yogurt, leggermente dolce, e senza uova ottimo da farcire con la nocciolata, le marmellate, ma è anche ottimo da mangiare anche senza farcitura. Per questo vi


    O uriaşă gaură coronală formată pe suprafaţa Soarelui alimentează teoria conspiraţiei conform căreia Soarele s-ar afla pe moarte!


    Revealed: our fastest players in 2015/16!

    Pofta buna !

    Beef tenderloin BBQ
    Beef tenderloin BBQ
    Beef tenderloin BBQ

    Press TV

    A report says Israel remapped as much as 15,000 acres of occupied Palestinian land in 2015 as an attempt at justifying settlement expansion inside the re-designated areas.
    A report says Israel remapped as much as 15,000 acres of occupied Palestinian land in 2015.

    The Jerusalem Post

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