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Palestinian factions call for 'Day of Rage' during Trump visit
Trump, who is currently in Saudi Arabia for his first international trip since taking office in January, will arrive in Israel on Monday and meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
US cancels festive King David dinner with Israelis
Find out why the Jerusalem meal is now off the table.
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Netanyahu orders reluctant Israeli ministers to greet Trump at airport
The ministers allegedly did not want to attend the event at the airport due to the long hours...
Watch: When Trump isn't signing an arms deal, he's dancing with swords
The US president showed off his dance moves in a unique reception ceremony held in his...
Trump's Israel visit: All the details

No sitting US president has ever visited the Western Wall as US policy maintains that the final status of Jerusalem has yet to be resolved in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

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Majority of Jewish leaders in diaspora in favor of moving US embassy
The report, a summary of JPPI’s 2017 annual Israel-Diaspora Dialogue, was released on the...
Report: Lebanon allegedly detains Iraqi citizen accused of gathering intel for Israel
An Iraqi citizen was recently arrested in Lebanon on suspicion of spying on the Lebanese...
Watch: US, Israeli air forces complete two-week long drill
The drill, which has been happening for several years usually happens once a year...
Watch: Ivanka Trump's baby takes his first steps

What a little mensch!

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Netanyahu: 'I’ll talk security and peace with Trump'
PM Netanyahu was speaking at Sunday's weekly cabinet meeting ahead of Donald Trump's...
Watch: Israeli Life in Docs
Every week dostories365 in collaboration with JPost will bring you slices of Israeli life. 
Haredi extremists compare senior IDF officer to Hitler, army service to Auschwitz
Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman described the campaign as “intolerable” and...
Israel's demographic future: Crowded and very religious

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