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Hamas leader killed in 'accidental' Gaza explosion
The explosion occurred at a Hamas post near Rafah, injuring three other militants, according to the Palestinian news agency.
Nikki Haley receives rock-star welcome at the Western Wall
Haley arrived at the Kotel on the first day of her visit to Israel. She will later visit other sites in the...
Abbas willing to soften demands for resumption of peace talks
Will the pledges lead to concrete steps toward relaunching the diplomatic peace process?
Third country suspends Wonder Woman because of Israeli lead
The film is still expected to open this week in Morocco, Egypt, and the Arab Emirates.

WATCH: 'Israel and North Korea agree to transfer...

The Israeli ministry takes to the streets to see what made up 'facts' people will really believe about Israel.

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What makes US-Israel defense ties so 'rock solid'?
“The ties between our armies are very deep and very strong, even under Obama.”
Israel's commitment to press freedom questioned after journalist shot
Foreign Press Association: "The case offers an important test of Israel’s commitment to...
200 Christian lawmakers pray for sake of Jerusalem
‘Time to be united on issue,’ says Yisrael Beytenu MK.
Veterans of 1967 conflict tell war stories at Knesset

Much of discussion devoted to boosting settlements; Meretz MKs boycott commemorative meetings.

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Western nations publicly condemn Tehran terror attacks
Islamic State claimed responsibility and released a video purporting to show...
Israeli children's TV star causes unlikely Palestinian uproar
Israeli children's favorite TV star 'Yuval HaMebulbal' was the focus of unlikely attention on...
Opinion: Looking for a new equation in Gaza
Israel and the world should think outside the box.
Does hailing Haley do an injustice to Samantha Power?

“We had American support in the UN in the past, but the style is different."

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